Mission and Values

At Duncan Family Farms® , our mission and values define us as a company and as individuals. Arnott and Kathleen Duncan developed their mission statement when they first started farming many years ago. Even though we have changed and grown over the years, our mission statement has never been altered. It continues to define who we are and how we farm.

We believe that our primary responsibility is to produce healthy, life-giving food. We are also committed to making a strong contribution to an improved environment and giving back to our community.

At Duncan Family Farms®, we believe in a culture that is committed to the environment and community. Producing a high-quality product requires the hard work of a dedicated team, and every employee that walks through our doors learns a set of Values that define our company. Our Values are:

Safety – It’s our first priority

Excellence – It’s our passion

Integrity – We do the right thing

Community – We care about our people & our environment

Team – We work together, never apart

Respect – We value all of our relationships

The Duncan Family team truly believes that each day, if we commit to do our best, practice honestly, support our community, and work together with respect, we will create a business that has a soul. When you choose us, know that you will be receiving a quality product that was produced with the Values of Duncan Family Farms®.