Operational Excellence

Brenna Zumbro Photography Duncan Family Farms™ has a long tradition of operational excellence. From our detailed tillage, planting, irrigation and harvest practices to our cover crop and composting operations, we are diligent and exacting in our efforts to attain the best agronomic outcome. We firmly believe that a diverse and balanced soil ecosystem and a robust nutritional program of varied and complimenting inputs results in a vibrant, thriving plant that has greater disease resistance and, if handled properly, better potential shelf-life. Brenna Zumbro Photography Our efforts towards continuous improvement cultivate a culture that encourages our team members to challenge the status quo and innovate both independently and collaboratively. We constantly analyze and re-analyze our supply chain and systems to find opportunities for optimization. We are proud of our use of cutting edge technologies and agronomic practices to maximize the efficiency of all of our resources and improve the ultimate sustainability of our farming operations and our entire enterprise.