Products: Our Crops

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We produce more than 2,000 acres of certified organic baby lettuces and greens, as well as a few hundred acres of conventionally produced cabbage and red potatoes. The organic products we grow are shipped directly from our farm to several of the most respected and experienced processors in the United States. These crops are transported in refrigerated trucks directly from our farm to the processing facilities in Yuma, Arizona and typically arrive within hours of harvest.

Once at the processing facilities, custom designed equipment carefully inspects, washes and dries our salad greens without damaging them. The greens are then pre-washed in cold, lightly-chlorinated water to remove impurities and then packaged and sent to the retailers for you to enjoy.

The organic products that we currently grow include:
- Spring Mix
- Baby Spinach
- Herb Mix
- Braising Mix
- Mini Head Lettuces
-Romaine Hearts